About Us

Premises and Equipment.

We believe that the talent and compassion of staff are the foundation of a good clinic.  We also believe that continued investment in modern medical technology brings benefit to both your pet and your pocket. The facilities at Dr. Hugh’s Veterinary Hospital are what you would expect from a modern veterinary clinic, with priority on comfort, welfare and the scientific diagnosis and treatment of the patients under our care. Facilities include:-

  1. Custom built consulting rooms with sterilisable surfaces
  2. Separate species wards to reduce hospitalization stress.
  3. Isolation facilities.
  4. A dedicated surgical suite with modern anaesthetic machines and patient monitoring equipment.
  5. Autoclave and ultrasonic instrument cleaners to help ensure the sterility of our surgical procedures.
  6. A wide range of in-house laboratory diagnostic facilities, including blood cell counts, biochemistry and electrolytes assays, viral and parasite tests, urinalysis, faecal examination and skin tests.
  7. In-house x-ray and environmentally friendly digital x-ray processing.
  8. High- end ultrasound for abdominal and cardiac imaging.

We also coordinate with registered surgery, medicine, opthamology and exotic animal specialists, dedicated behaviour and physiotherapy practitioners, 24-hr care facilities and outside laboratories to ensure that your pets receive the best and most comprehensive level of care available.

Our Mission

Your pets depend on you for absolutely everything in life.

They trust you completely and without hesitation. Our mission at Dr. Hugh’s Veterinary Hospital is to strive with dedication, compassion and respect to provide the highest standards of modern veterinary care with openness, honesty and a level of communication such that you will learn to trust us in the way that your pets trust you. We will work with you to provide everything your pets need through every stage of their lives. Preventative medicine for their health, treatment for their sickness, pain alleviation for their suffering, nutrition for their wellbeing, education and environmental enrichment for their happiness. Our aim is to lengthen, strengthen and deepen the bond between you and your pets. Because we understand that pets are family too.

Our Team

Dr. Hugh Stanley

Dr. Hugh Stanley MRCVS, BVM&S, MANCVSc (Small Animal Med.), PhD, a native of Northern Ireland, has lived in Hong Kong since 1992. He qualified as a veterinary surgeon from the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College of the University of Edinburgh in 1984.

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Dr Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson, BVM&S MRCVS, was born in the U.K., but grew up in Hong Kong before returning to the U.K. for her secondary and university education. In 2003 she graduated from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh, Scotland, concentrating on small exotic mammals in her final year.

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Our Veterinary Nurses – A Tribute

Our Veterinary Nurses – A Tribute

Being a veterinary nurse is much harder than being a veterinary surgeon. It is a true and difficult vocation, requiring a particular and rare balance of dedication, compassion, mental stability, physical endurance and industriousness. The hours are long, the work hard, the pay mediocre, the demands from doctors, clients and patients constant, and the emotional demands high. On top of the nursing, anaesthetic monitoring, feeding, comforting, restraining  and general care of animals, there is a long list of unseen, mundane and tedious tasks that are necessary to keep the clinic functioning smoothly  – the laboratory work, stock-taking, cleaning, ordering, dispensing, laundry, administration, data input, phone calls, and translation to mention a few.  Public holidays, weekends and relationships are sacrificed. The main reward for the work is the work itself, the meaningfulness of helping sick and suffering animals, of educating clients in proper care and preventative medicine for the benefit of their pets. Doctors get thanked, nurses rarely do. But without them no clinic can survive. We are so lucky at Dr. Hugh’s to have a team of nurses that not only are superb at what they do but are a wonderful group of human beings with whom it is a true joy to work.