Information about rabies

Make sure you're up to date with rabies vaccinations for your pet.

Saturday 10th November 2018

Dogs aged over 3 months can be inoculated against rabies, microchipped and licenced. It is illegal to keep dogs aged over 5 months without a licence.

Cats are not legally required to get a rabies vaccination or microchip but if they need it for export or any other reason we are happy to do it.

Make an appointment with us and we will give your dog a thorough clinical examination to ensure that it is healthy before we give it the rabies vaccination and microchip. We will then apply for the licence on your behalf, and you can collect it when it comes back to the clinic.

A dog licence is valid for 3 years and the dog has to be revaccinated against rabies to renew the licence. Once your dog has been implanted with a compatible microchip, there is no need to implant again.
The licence is not transferable. A dog keeper must advise Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of any change in ownership or any change in his/her address within 5 days of the change.

If you have any questions call us at 23800612!